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  • May 2023 Thumbnail

    May 2023

    Our new collaborative LM initiative, toxicity in ChatGPT, enhanced citations in Semantic Scholar, and more.

  • April 2023 Thumbnail

    April 2023

    A new approach to training robots, ChatGPT + AI Literacy, the new Objaverse dataset, and more.

  • March 2023 Thumbnail

    March 2023

    Counting sticks and designing treatments with AI, whether chatbots can "feel", AI's role in climate change, and more.

  • February 2023 Thumbnail

    February 2023

    Building teachable models, teaching computers common sense, advice from a computer vision research scientist, and more.

  • January 2023 Thumbnail

    January 2023

    A new best paper award for work using tangrams, a new version of AI2-THOR, and a recap of 2022 highlights from AI2.

  • December 2022 Thumbnail

    December 2022

    Highlights of AI2 at EMNLP, EarthRanger's newest deployments, an Outstanding Paper Award for ProcTHOR, and more.

  • October 2022 Thumbnail

    October 2022

    Yejin Choi's MacArthur Fellowship, our new interim CEO, enhanced accessibility for Semantic Scholar, the new AI2 Tango, and more.

  • August 2022 Thumbnail

    August 2022

    AI2 at NAACL 2022, an interview with some of our Young Investigators, best paper awards, and more.

  • June 2022 Thumbnail

    June 2022

    New models, embodied AI advancements, S2AG data updates, our 2nd annual Conservation Tech Award, and more.

  • May 2022 Thumbnail

    May 2022

    Test your AI knowledge, try a new multi-modal model, access Semantic Scholar's open research corpus, and more.