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  • NLP Highlights

    NLP Highlights is AllenNLP’s podcast for discussing recent and interesting work related to natural language processing. Hosts from the AllenNLP team at AI2 offer short discussions of papers and occasionally interview authors about their work.

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  • Guest Feature: This Wild Life Conservation Podcast

    Episode: Mission Twiga - Giraffe Conservation Foundation

    Over the next few episodes, we will be chatting with some of the partners of EarthRanger, a free online software solution that helps conservationists protect our world’s wildlife and habitats with real-time data.

    In this first episode, Amy speaks with Stephanie Fennessy, co-founder & co-director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Tune in to hear about the wild process of translocating giraffes and find out how you track the tallest animal on earth in vast wilderness areas. Stephanie also speaks about a dwarf Giraffe called Nigel, and answers the question that everyone wants to know…do giraffes vocalise?!